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NAME: Miyu
PERSONAL LJ: [ profile] mommy_miyu
EMAIL/MESSENGER(S): AIM = mistressevilmiyu / Y!M = mommy_miyu

FANDOM: Fairy Tail

TIMELINE SUMMARY: I will be taking Ur after she uses the Ice Shell to seal Deliora. Mostly because she is considered "dead" at that point, even if she still lives as the ice. She will be completly confused at the fact that she has a body again and she won't notice that time has passed, so that's an interesting point to take her.

PERSONALITY: Ur is showed as a woman who knows a lot of ice based magic when Gray was a kid. Either by having it in books on her house or just by how strong her magic is. With this, she is rather confident of her abilities but not enough like to make it a weakness or show it off. She has a personality that prefers to stay calm instead of using magic for everything.

It is said that when she lost her child, she was a lonely woman, but that's not true. She had a soft spot for her two apprentices: Grey and Lyon. But, she did not seek in them a replacement of her daughter. She is not the kind of person that could replace someone she cared so much. It was more like she liked them and wanted to raise them together.

Even if she was a strict teacher, it was shown that she would do anything for them, especially all the time they lived together. More like she was like a mother for them. Because, according to her own words, those two are her happiness. Ur is a kind of woman that cares for people but it is not telling everybody in the world about it. As long as those she cares know, she is fine with it. She does not have the necesity to show more emotions than the necesary.

Also, she is very direct to say what she is thinking, but never going to the point of being brute or impolite. Even more, she does not like when Grey took off her clothes in the middle of the city and ended being embarrassed. She can be said that is easily pissed, but tends to not react with violence always.

She is a woman that fights for her happiness, that are those two. Even to the point to sacrifice herself to seal the darkness that could not let Grey be happy. Ur is always thinking in her students before in herself and she is really proud of them, ending in having not regrets of her life.

SPECIAL ABILITIES: Ur has the ability to use ice based magic, considering the fact that she was once Gray's teacher. It's not stated the limit of her ability to create things with her magic, but it is assumed that if she were alive, she would have become one of the ten wizards.



Oi! I don't find this amusing or something similar! Can someone explain what's going on here?! [She scratches her head a bit and then sighs.] This isn't good at all...

I'm Ur, and I'm looking for some answers. If someone can give me them, then do it!

NOTES: I reserved her and I hope I did this okay.

OOC info:

Name: Miyu
Method of contact: [ profile] mommy_miyu , AIM: mistressevilmiyu

IC info:

Character name: Ultimecia
Age: 25
Gender: Male
Original canon: Final Fantasy VIII (Without Dissidia)
Target canon: Tokyo Babylon (Manga)

Canon background:

Ultimecia is the main villian in Final Fantasy VIII. The Sorceress that controls time using a special machine, sent her consciousness in the past to change the world events, and manipulate some of the other sorceress in order to archive her goal: Time Compression.

It is stated that her wish is to escape her destiny of being defeated by the Legendary SeeD, and for that, she tries to manipulate the past events. Her first victim was Edea Kramer of Cetra to whom she passes her Sorceress Power in order to begin her plan for Time Compression and become a living God. One year before the game starts, she possesses Edea again to infiltrate in the government of Galbadia, managing to seduce the current president to gain control over that place.

Later events end in the party confronting her in Edea's Body and forcing the owner of the body to pass her power to Rinoa in order to escape from Ultimecia's Control. Since Edea was no longer a sorecess, Ultimecia was forced to let her go and possess the new awakened Rinoa.

By controlling Seifer as her knight, she later will order him to find the girl called Ellone. The only person that was able to send her consciousness to a further past so she could exist in the past, present and future and be able to cast the Time Compression Spell. Further events lead her to move to Lunar Base, to possess the other sorceress in that era: Adel.

When she is in control of that sorceress, she orders Seifer to capture Rinoa and Ultimecia, now in Adel's body, junctions her to gain more power. Sadly, when she is defeated by the party in that battle, she only could possess the only sorceress in that era: Rinoa.

However, that is planned by Squall and the others and Ellone sent Rinoa's and Ultimecia's consciousnesses in the past to cast the Time Compression spell. Ultimecia then cast Time Compression, only to have it temporarily halted when Ellone sends their consciousnesses back to their respective eras. Squall uses this partial compression as a way to enter Ultimecia's future.

Having prevented this, she cast a spell in her castle in her future to seal the power of all the party. After overcoming all her minions to recover what it was lost, Squall and the others arrivs to confront her in the final battle. As expected, Ultimecia could not run away from her fate and is defeated in the great battle. Battle that brought things like Griver, her own Guardian Force, and the ultimate spell of black magic: Apocalypse.

Yet, she is not dead completely. When time starts to decompress, she travels to the past in order to pass her power to Edea again. But, she is too weak this time and she then passes on her power and essence to the Edea of the past, unknowingly perpetuating the cycle of her defeat by SeeD. After that, she completely disappears.

AU background:

Born in the Sakurazuka family, he was born with a great power inside him. He was raised by his mother, and learned all he needed to know about the clan; about the kekkai, powerful spells, the meaning behind the existence of their family, and everything he could need in his future. But he was born with another power inside him, the power to control time. Knowing his destiny, he was a bit amused, and at the age of seven, he killed his mother without hesitation in order to become the leader of the clan.

He was starting to dislike the world because it wasn't worth of living, betrayal was something that happened everyday, as did murder and crime. People weren’t worthy of the gift of life. He felt nothing when he killed his mother, and he wasn't going to feel anything for a while. He abandoned his name, and named himself Ultimecia.

Seven years ago he met a young girl named Gale Leonheart under a Sakura tree. She was nine and she witnessed how he killed someone, as it was his job, and fainted after it. Being in the opposite clan than Gale it was his job to end her life, but when she woke up, she didn't remember anything about what she saw. Amused by this, he knelt down before her and talked about the meaning of the tree behind him.

Dazzled by the beauty of the flowers, he made a bet with that girl, because even having a dead body behind him, the girl still talked to him. The bet was really simple, "If we meet again, I'll live with you a whole year. If I find you special, I will let you live. If I cannot find you to be my special person, then I will kill you. Just like this dead corpse behind me." And so, he took her small hands and kissed them, leaving his mark as the leader of the clan. However, Raine, Gale's grandmother, wasn't pleased by that fact and ordered the little girl to wear gloves and never pull them off. It was a way to hide the marks and since she was the previous leader from the clan, it was her duty to make sure nobody found out about them.

As time went by, he found Gale again when she was working chasing a shikigami. Many things changed, but behind those gloves, he could see his mark. Amused by that, he went after her and they met again. At first, she doubted of his presence, but later realized that he was harmless and that he wanted to talk.

Since he lived in that city, he offered his house for Gale and his twin brother, Laguna, to live in. Ultimecia and Laguna got along very well, despite their differences; he was charmed by the seductive personality of the older man. It was true that there was something odd in Ultimecia, but Laguna didn't say anything at first.

The silver haired man never let Laguna know about his true self, in order to protect Gale and her silent ways to act. But he still remembered the bet, and so he helped her in all he could, his dark personality made him interesting to live with. He never let them alone if he was in the house, wanting to know more about how those two saw Tokyo.

It was true that Gale had a lot of work, but he always found a way to watch and test her. In one of her missions in the Tower of Tokyo, he managed to sneak and see her work, offering some drinks and speaking about the fact that Tokyo was pretty but the people sometimes could be ugly. When the soul of the woman that was there attacked them, he didn't hesitate in using some basic magic to protect his woman. That ended in a talk with the spirit, but he never showed any sign of dislike, on the opposite, he was interested in making the woman say how much she hated the city. After a long talk, Gale ended up convincing her of the opposite and in that way the spirit could leave the world.

That night, Ultimecia told Gale that he loved her. Her first reaction was to think it was a joke, but his golden eyes showed the contrary. When she left the building he chuckled in the dark, he knew how to control people with just simple words. Of course, when Gale looked at him he always smiled as if nothing bad happened. As if he were innocent.

Besides all her work, Ultimecia always could find some time to ask Gale to go out and see her opinions of the world. Usually, he took her to small places but one time he took her to see an Aquarium, he always compared people with the animals. Once she arrived and they could go around and enjoy the place, Gale received a call from Laguna about work, and they ended up in his house again.

With no interest in the job, he watched his prey act with the case of "the mysterious calls from the Dial Q2", what appeared to be a group of people that were using magic and thought they were warriors to fight the demons from the end of the world. Totally amused by that idea, he talked only a bit about some spells they used as if it were a normal thing, that surprised Laguna but Ultimecia just dodged the topic with something different. He let his beloved do her magic once again when the first attempt failed, this time with his help. It was fine until she got hurt.

That was something he wasn't pleased at all with. Stopping time, he knocked Laguna with a simple spell and made time move again, waiting for the body to fall. Chuckling a bit, he stepped into the barrier the woman made in protection and picked the medium she was using, so he could talk with the woman that caused Gale harm. Cursing them, he summoned his familiar, and sent his magic to kill without mercy. After all, for him, they weren't worthy of living. Speaking nice words about the dead, he wrapped Gale in his arms and mentioned the bet between them.

The next days, he kept acting as if nothing had happened. When passing in front a Shinto shrine, he talks about the spirits that cannot rest, and the fact that life itself never lets people rest the mind. Since Laguna is on a date, he offers to spend time with Gale, but she ends up having to work so he settled for stalking her a bit using his familiar. When she came to his house feeling bad for what happened, he just told her that people only live to forgive themselves, and she should do the same. Letting her sleep on the bed, he looked at himself on the mirror and smiled amused. After that, he broke the mirror into tiny pieces.

Trough this, Ultimecia was using his familiar to spy on someone who could cause him some problems in the future, the "MS Institute", since Gale had a mission there, he just waited for her to tell him the details he needed to know. He sent Griever to follow Gale and saw she had a new friend, if he could call it that. Amused by that, he just waited for life to be cruel and ruin the woman's life, as he knew the society very well.

When Gale was talking with the organization's leader, who seemed to have some spiritual power, he could hear her talking about moral and that just praying would not help anyone. Interrupting the chat, he knocked her with a soft hit, and let her rest on a bed. Amused by the woman's words about faith and God, he laughed at her and dispelled her kekkai without any effort. He explained that in the future, people would seek what they didn’t know because they are desperate, and that he couldn't allow that. So he killed her without hesitation. Softly, he touched Gale's lips and held her close in his arms, enjoying that feeling.

Once again he acted as if nothing had happened, avoiding the topic of why Gale was unconscious, and the three of them went out to a karaoke, where he felt a spirit inside one of the boxes, he sent Gale to fix it, pretending to not to know about that, and using a distraction because he was still hiding his true self. Laguna talked about how easy it was for Ultimecia to control people, to which he replied laughing and saying something totally different and perverted about Gale.

One time that Gale was sick and was looking for medicine, she met a small boy who seems to be really sick. She growth fond of him and when she looked for more information about him, she discovered that he needed an organ transplant to survive. Ultimecia commented that people die because there aren't enough people who can offer their organs for others and that the mother is desperate. Teasing Gale a bit, he and Laguna decided to come to visit the little boy, even if Ultimecia was not interested in him.

After performing the purification on the hospital, he leaned close like to steal a kiss from Gale but was interrupted by Laguna and he just said that someday, she will kiss him so hard that it will kill him, but she didn't seem to understand the words. As they were leaving the building they met the boy's mother who wanted to kill a man that is brain-dead in order to get the organ she needed for her son. Ultimecia, chuckling a bit, told the woman that her son would be disappointed if her hands were covered in blood because she couldn't bear the pain of waiting. And that she was not alone in the world, suffering. Before he could continue, Gale interrupted him and said that they should visit the boy more often.

After speaking some words with Gale again, Ultimecia agreed and left the building with Laguna, inviting them for a drink. The next day, when he and his beloved went to see the boy, Ultimecia offered to buy her a drink and told her to go ahead. Sensing the woman in danger, he stopped time just in the moment the mother was attacking Gale. In order to make it look like he had just arrived, he aimed the attack to his shoulder and made time move again. He didn't feel any pain, so he didn't mind watching his own blood flowing from his shoulder.

He ended up in the hospital for his wound, and he wasn't allowed to leave, but he was pleased when his woman came to visit him. Sadly, she was feeling guilty for him, and wanted to apologize. He told her that everything was fine and he did what he did for selfish motives. That there was no need to forgive her and that she should go and visit her little friend

When Laguna is alone with Ultimecia, he tells him of his doubts about his true self, to which he replies that he is what he shows and nothing else. Once he is alone, he leaves the hospital and stands on the roof with the familiar saying that it's time to settle the bet.

He waited in his house for Gale to come. To realize that she loved him, as he always planned, but that was too late. He got bored of the game and now he wanted to see her suffer, since he didn't feel anything for her. When she arrived, he turned his house into another dimension and explained that, seven years ago, he sealed her memory of their meeting and that she was his prey since that day.

Then, he explained that he wanted to destroy that city to create a world where people were different. Without past, without present and without future, and that Gale was the proof of his experiment. That he played with everyone's feelings and that he manipulated them. That she lost the bet, and she wasn't important anymore. When he finalized to explain the past encounter between them, he attacked her; broke her arm, broke her spirit and broke her heart as his poisonous words came from his lips. He summoned the Sakura tree so he could send Gale's soul there to be sealed.

However, he was interrupted by Raine's power in order to save Gale. Since he was interrupted, he left Gale in the room bleeding and waiting for her to react again. Even she spent some time in trance, worrying Laguna, and it took her a while before she could act again.

Because of that, Laguna went to face Ultimecia in order to kill him, an event that ended with the first's death and the awakening of Gale. Of course he was still watching over her, especially when she said she was planning to kill him. It was his woman after all, and he wanted to see if those words were true.


· He has the ability to stop time. For a short time, not more than twenty seconds and it consumes him a lot of spiritual power to do such a thing.
· Close combat ability since he is an assassin after all.
· Summon a shikigami (Griver) that allows him to spy, fight and be in another plane.
· Maboroshii. A skill that allows him to create a virtual world that creates illusions very realistic that could kill someone. It takes time to create this skill and consumes him a lot of spiritual power.
· Ability to use the ofuda (The scrolls the exorcists use to cast spells too.)
· He can feel when someone is cursed and know the reason behind it.
· The ability to stab people with his hands. It's only with his hands.


The first thing to say in order to describe Ultimecia is that he is a manipulative person. He could and he will manipulate everyone in order to gain something worth of that bond. In canon, she did it to overcome her fate of being defeated by the SeeDs, and in the AU he will do it in order to gain control over everything in case he needs it.

While the canon Ultimecia is driven by hatred and speaks with strong words of hate, his AU counterpart speaks always with a smile on his face nice words that are poisoned. It could be said that it was a mix of bitterness and amusement. Either way, this man can lie and say the sweetest words but he will never feel them. A sweet tone and soft words that only say horrible things and yet he will never show mercy on the.

However, both of them share the same trial about their charm. Yet, both of them apply them differently. The canon version, being a woman and driven by hatred, expresses it with her clothes to show her beautiful body and with elegant moves. In the other part, the alternative universe version, being a man, expresses it with more touches and charming smiles. In the end, thye both use it to gain control over their target.

Also, the woman sorceress aims for bigger things like Time Compression to become a God because she suffered a lot persecution to hate everybody. But, the man sorcerer is different in that way. To him, nobody has the right to live because they are not worth of living. Which makes him a monster compared to the canon version in the end.

To him, everything is fated to die eventually. As he killed his mother, his lover's brother, and even a little girl. He is not afraid of death, and he even awaits for his fate to end in the same way. Compared to the woman version, that was running away from her fate, she tried everything to stop it and failed in the process.. Another thing in common is that both of them are really calm people that are always awaiting for the proper time to act.

A good thing to point out is that, both of them, are really smart and powerful at battle. They will search for a weakness in battle to use it as an advantage to kill their opponent. And both of them will ally to whomever they could consider worth of helping their goal.

Possessions: A lot of scrolls just in case. And the clothes he is wearing.

Sample post: [He laughs a bit when he notices something is odd in the situation he is in.]

Well, well. This is indeed a surprise. After all my hard work, this has to end this way? My, how annoying. I guess it cannot be helped. Children shouldn't be alone in these situations, but I am sure you are different.

[The man smirks a bit pleased, leaning back on his seat again.]

If I control this place, will you come to stop me, Gale? Or will you leave me behind like everybody does when they don't want to deal with something unpleasant? I will make sure to prepare a surprise for you.

NAME: Miyu
JOURNAL: [ profile] mommy_miyu
CONTACT: AIM: mistressevilmiyu


NAME: Firion
SERIES: Dissidia Final Fantasy
CANON POINT: After beating Chaos in Shade Impulse, when he is about going back to his world.

As the other Cosmos's Warriors, Firion was summoned by the Goddess of Harmony to fight in the battle of Gods. As soon as he hears about the cristals, he begins his journey to find his own cristal along with Cecil, Tidus and Cloud. The more the traveled, the more they knew about each other.

The first one to ask something deep and imporant was Cloud, asking why everybody was fighting for. While others answered, Firion asked time before he could answer in the best way he could. He showed him the Wild Rose, the reason and the dream he was fighting for. To create a world fulliled with wild roses where people could overcome the past and look in a a bright future. With that said, Cloud asks to fight Firion and see how strong his dream is. The battle ends with Firion losing but never giving up until the end. After that, Cloud leaves to find his own reason to fight.

Then, Firion continues his journey with Cecil and Tidus, but Sephiroth later will steal Firion's Wild Rose. He did not hesitate to chase him to fight him and have it back. Then, when the Warrior of Light knows what happened goes to where they are and battles Sephiroth himself and orders Firion to return to Cecil and Tidus.

During the trip, he learns why his two friends fight. He learns about Tidus' wish to set things with his father Jecht and the reason why Cecil is fighting with Golbez in his brotherly complex. However, Firion distrusts Golbez and when he shows up to offer assistance, he tries to warn Cecl about him but the later one does not follow the advice. Later events ends in Tidus telling Cecil to go and talk with his brother, in which Firion accepts and asks if it is the same for him and Jecht. Obviously, the answer was something completly different because he was seeking for another thing.

On the Lunar Subterrane, Firion meets Jecht, having been blocked from fighting Tidus by the Emperor. Firion accuses Jecht of running from Tidus, and the irritated Jecht attacks him to relieve his frustrations. When Jecht asks to Firion to continue fighting, this one replies that he is not the person Jecht's heart is willing to fight and he is not a replacement for Tidus. After that, Jecht leaves to fight the Emperor.

After a while, Tidus and Firion find the Emperor and Jecht fighting and see that it ends with The Emperor vanishing for a moment and with Jecht wounded. After that, Tidus tells Firion that he wants to set things with his father for once and Firion gave him a potion to use in Jecht and Tidus leaves. Then, the Emperor appears once more to tell Firion that his friends will always left him behind and he answers that is not true because they were to fullfil their goal to end this war.

The following was a fight against Ultimecia, since the Emperor and her were saying that Firion's dream was nothing but a child's dream. Once Firion beats the sorceress, she reappears along with the Emperor and state that Firion is nothing but Cosmos' tool in the war and that he will never fullfil that dream because of that.

Cosmos appears later when he is alone thinking about it, and when she asks him about his dream, he first replies that he wants to end the conflict. However, Cosmos asks again about what his heart really wanted, in which he answers that his dream is a world fullied with Wild Roses. With that said, Cosmos expressed that if he were only a tool, he would not have such a beautiful dream. Her words reaches his heart and he decides to confront the Emperor for once and alone.

Then, the Emperor attacks Firion again but Cecil and Cloud came to help him and so Mateus dissapears asking Firion to come alone and fight him. Then, Cloud gives Firion the Wild Rose and encourages him to keep fighting for his dream because his friends want to see it become true.

Again, he arrives to fight the Emperor and finally, he beats him and archives his crystal, determinted to end this conflict for once. When all the warriors gain their crystals, they return to be in Cosmos side. However, it was too late for them and when they return next to her, Chaos and Cosmos fight, with the win of the first one.

As expected, all the Warriors of Cosmos starts to dissapear because thier Goddess is gone and they do not have the power to keep existing there. But, it looked like the crystals were there to protect them for then that happened, and they contained part of Cosmos' power inside them. After that, they start they journey to beat Chaos, the God of Discord after the worlds are starting to be consumed by the discord.

Then, he fights the Emperor again, who claimed being the mastermind behind Cosmos' death, a plan that relied on the heroes acquiring their Crystals. Because the crystals were part of Cosmos so they forced them to become her weak and easy to destroy. After Mateus thanked them, Firion battles him and defeates him completly this time.

The journey to destroy Chaos continue until they archived that goal. All of them fought him together and put and end to the conflict. Once they managed to fullfil that, they return to their worlds after Tidus says that the crystals will lead the way back to their worlds. He watches his friends dissapear back to the worlds, and when he notices the roses under him and watches them, he returns to his own world.


To describe Firion's personality, the first thing to say is that he is a "simple-minded young man". He is very determinated and passionated to do something with full of enthusiasm that is characterist of him , and it was showed when he is determinated to make his dream of "A world fullied with wild roses" become true, even if that part of his dream is something that he was ashamed of to tell his friends because he thought it was a childish thing. However, when his friends showed their support for him, Firion gained the confidence to promise to make it truth.

He also possess an incredible strenght when he wants something to become truth. Not only physical, but also mentally.

But, Firion is also a bit guillible and easy to be decived by simple things which normal people would acoid. Because of past experiences, like the Lamia Queen trying to seduce him when she was acting being the Princess Hilda or when he hires a pirate ship commaned by Leila who ended betrayed them for a moment) he hates that being used like that. And also ends in being not noticing when he is falling into any traps either.

Firion is also a very trustful and friendly person who supports his friends even if that could mean the cost of his life. But, do not get it wrong, he is not a martir, he will live for those who died protecting what they believed in before passing out. He puts all of himself and relies on the fact that, quoting him "My friends are always with me. I believe in them", making him gain an inner strenght to make him fight with his all.

He is responsable, and he enjoys the company of his friends more than anything. Even if he is easily to confuse a bit, he will protect those who cannot protect themselves and are being used against their will. Perhaps this has to be with the fact that he believes in we all deserve to have the freedom we are born with.

Another thing that makes him interesting is that he does not look to be praised for anything he does. All he does, it is done with all his heart and he seeks nothing of exchange from it, causing him to fluster a bit when he is praised.

WEAPONS/ABILITIES/ETC: Firion is a Weapon Master. Firion's mastery of weapons symbolizes the the eight types of equipment usable on the hand in Final Fantasy II: Sword, Shield, Axe, Bow, Staff, Dagger, Lance, and Barehanded. He can cast weak magic, but knows the basics of it. Fire, Thunder, Blizzard and Cure is all he knows.

Firion uses a mix of all his weapons in all his attacks, combining two of them in a serie of strikes that changes depening the range of the attack and what would be the best for the situtation.

Rope Knife is an attack that throws knives to bring the opponent close and then he ends the combo with a comination of fists.
Reel Axe throws an axe to the opponent to bring it close and finish it with a combination of hits with the lance to knock them away.
Lance Combo begins with Firion swings his lance to bring the enemy closer, then knock them in the air with a sword slash and finish the combo with a fire arrow.
Swordslash is a quick, short-ranged sword slash that knocks the opponent away.

Straightarrow shoots energy arrows with a powerful range and can be charged to make them more powerful.
Shield Bash creates a magic shield that counters attacks depending the type of the attack that is reciving. He can counterattack with a combination of the daggers and fist. If not, he uses the staff to cast Fire, Blizzard and Thunder to the opponent.
Weaponmaster summon a magical aura and throw weapons forward to bombard opponent and knock them back
Double Trouble combines the axe and the sword in a powerful attack, starting with raising the opponent to the air to strike with both of them and slam the enemy down.

Fervid Blazer, where Firion attacks the opponent with all his weapons and magic. Firion attacks the opponent with his lance, daggers, axe, staff and sword enchanted with magic, followed by using his bow to launch all of his weapons at the opponent, creating an explosion.


The weapon especialist opened his eyes and noticed something important. He was not in his world anymore, not even in the leastest place with the Warrior of Light. He quickly standed up, putting himself in an alert state in case this was a trap.

But how was this possible? They defeated Chaos and they were returning to their worlds. Or at least that was what he thought. Did this happen to his friends too?

"My friends... I know they will be alright. I trust you all will be safe" he said when he slowly opened the door of the room he was sleeping in before. He didn't remember how he appeared there, but he was not planning to let his friends down.

"We will give our all." Firion stated while he summoned the symbol of the Wild Rose and stared for a moment. "You are all always with me, my friends" he added and made the rose dissapear as he started to walk in the train trying to find an answer.


[After all the fighting, he has a moment to relax a bit as he starts to write.]

I cannot help to worry how everybody is doing back in their worlds. We have been throught a lot of things together, and met so many friends, that's it's only natural to wonder how they are doing.

[He smiles a bit.]

They are fine. I know that they are. Something inside me is telling me that. Perhaps we are still connected in our hearts and in our dreams.

So, maybe, we will met again. Until that day, we mustn't give up no matter what.

Mun Info:

Name: Miyu
Age: 18
Are you a pre-existing member: Nope
Have you ever rp'd in a comm before: Yes.
Just out of curiosity, how did you hear of us: I was a member of this place a long time ago. And Waffles.
Screen Name we can contact you at: mistressevilmiyu

Character Info:

Fandom: Loveless
Name: Aoyagi Seimei
Age: 17
User Icon: Here

Physical Description of Character: Seimei is a seventeen years old man who has black eyes and dark short hair. He also possess a animal ears in is head an a tail, making it clear that he is still virgin. Regarding to his clothes, most of the time he seems to wear normal clothes like jeans and sweeters (?). Here is a pic of him.

Point in Canon: (From what point in the plot are you picking them up?)


The first thing to call of Seimei is that, depeding who you are, the way he acts towards you. Mostly, it is showed that Seimei only acts different with Ritsuka and then he acts in another way with the rest of the world.

To Ritsuka, he could be the best big brother that someone could dream of. A kind, nice and warm bir brother that is always there to protect his little brother. However, Seimei considers that Ritsuka is the only one that deserves to live in his world. Yet, he still acts as if nothing bad happened between them. The only he seeks is that Ritsuka loves him in all the way possibles in the world.

However, for the rest of the world, he shows how "he truly is", according to the rest of the people. He is cold, merciless, curel and hateful. He will treat everybody as an object or an animal of his perfect world with Ritsuka and he will hurt and make people suffer in order to archive that goal or if he does not find you useful for his goal.

He dislikes the phisical touch of people, because he does not want to be contamined by them, considering himself a superior thing, and for that he will control and manipulate everything in his control to eliminate everything upseting for him.

Despite his two different ways to react, Seimei is a calm and serene person that prefers to hurt people with worlds more than violence. He consideres that words are stronger in that way because there are not ways to heal the emotionally wounds that they can carry.

History of the Character: (This must be done in a minimum of 300 words. Since we won't always know what book/anime/video game/etc. your char is from, give us some information about what they've been put through and what not.)

Magical Powers/Skills: There are suggestions in canon that Seimei possesses powers beyond that of a normal Sacrifice, and has been described by Soubi and others as inhuman.

Weapons: A small knife.

Writing samples:

Personal LJ Sample: (Give us a sample of what your character would write about, or even make a voice post about. For the sample it can be about anything, if you need an idea to write about we recommend your characters thoughts on suddenly arriving to Salkia.)

Third-Person Sample: (Minimum of 200 words. Give a 3rd person sample about your character. It can be anything! It can be from something back in their own fandom or, again, you can write about their first reactions to the island.)

*trying to be helpful* Firion's app crit

Date: 2010-02-18 11:04 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
From Personality:
But, Firion is also a bit guillible and easy to be decived by simple things which normal people would acoid. Because of past experiences, like the Lamia Queen trying to seduce him when she was acting being the Princess Hilda or when he hires a pirate ship commaned by Leila who ended betrayed them for a moment) he hates that being used like that. And also ends in being not noticing when he is falling into any tramps either.

That last sentence sounds a bit confusing to me. And... Tramps? Eh?

I think what you can do to extend it is probably describe some (if not all) of his attacks in Dissidia. That's what I did for Squall anyway, but basically emphasize more on him being a weapon master. A description of him using all of his weapons in the same battle (and carries them everywhere) would be nice too.

Third Example
It just needs to be a little longer, dear.

Journal Example
It's supposed to be words on a journal, so unless it's a "video" post, we shouldn't know what he's doing action-wise besides writing.

Here's Zidane's application at Solace, just in case you need more of a reference. Squall's app is posted in his journal but it's f-locked but I can unlock it for you so you can see what I did. ♥
Edited Date: 2010-02-18 11:05 pm (UTC)

You are being helpful, m'dear.

Date: 2010-02-18 11:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
See, I told ya that I would fail at this thing sdflsd.

I need to spell check it too, because there was a typo there.

I still need to explain more about the weapon section. And write more about the samples because I don't like them :|

yay \o\

Date: 2010-02-18 11:32 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I stress out on Applications for at least a good week and I stress even more once they're submitted. Hell, I know how you feel, really. *hugs*

But yeah, I think once you get around to just explaining his attacks in Dissidia, the weapons section should be fine. Just talk about how each of his moves uses at least two weapons in combination and all that?


Date: 2010-02-18 11:35 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
B-but at least your main language is English. I stress out more because I think it's horrible written and that DX *hugs back*

A-alright! Can you check Dudecia's too?


Date: 2010-02-18 11:39 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
There is that and I used to be an English Major before I switched to Psychology... But that's besides the point!

Will do but that'll have to be done a bit later. I've got some psych work to finish up. ^^;
From: [identity profile]
Specify who Gale is. (Pretty much include the surname)

As time passed, he found Gale again when she was working chasing a shikigami. Insert a comma between working and chasing.

If I find you special, I will let you live. If I cannot find you my special person, Rather confusing. Maybe you meant, "If I do not find you special, then I will kill you"?

Many things changed, but behind those gloves, Replace 'behind' with 'underneath'

Gale and his twin brother, Laguna, Gale's a girl. :|

very well, despite their differences; he was charmed by the seductive personality of the older man. The Semi-Colon is misplaced a bit. Maybe start a new sentence saying that Laguna found Ultimecia interesting?

He never let them alone if he was in the house, let = left?

...I sort of call him Ultimecian in my head, btw. :| When I don't call him Dudecia. Ffff. I don't know, Ultimecian sounds a bit more "male"-ish to my brain. ^^;
From: [identity profile]
Alright, noted that, I will edit that later.

I added the canon Background and Personality section to Dudecia's app, can you check it, my love?
Edited Date: 2010-03-05 01:46 am (UTC)


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