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May. 9th, 2012 04:48 am
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Okay, maybe I should be sleeping, but I guess posting this here wouldn't hurt.

As an update for my life, working hard with my cosplay as usual. This RP hiatus is kinda hard to keep when you still tag some things because you don't want to backtag forever. I don't know who reads this anyway.

Though now that some of my characters have lost some important CR, I might end dropping some from my list in TVK now.

I think that Li Shuwen and Cleopatra are a go now. I might send the Assassin to somewhere and I'll musebox with Cleopatra and such. Shakespeare, Asmodeus and Diao Chan are staying without doubt. Mmm... I still have doubts about Hassan, so I might keep playing her in the meanwhile, because I want to keep giving her some love.

Hn. Still feels bad that it had to come to this, because the game was really cool and I liked there, but with everything that happened, even the things I don't know that happened, maybe cutting down some characters will be the best.

Welp, maybe I'll focus more in my others games and such. I'm kinda proud that I managed to play 20 characters in total, maybe I'll catch up with that number once I manage to slam down some apps. I'll speak about them another day, after all I'm still in hiatus from everything.
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