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Title: Let you down
Fandom: Bleach
Pairing: Zaraki Kenpachi/Unohana
Warnings: I'm rusty. Also, spoilers from the last chapter ♥
Summary: Bittersweet realizations after she's gone.

Blood scattered in the floor. His gaze tainted with the crimson liquid he's so familiar with. Then why was this time so different? The empty, soundless, white room was all left for the man standing right now. An overflowing feeling of bitter victory slowly corrupting, filling the dark soul of Zaraki Kenpachi. His mind was in a denial, something that he couldn't believe so easily. There was no way for her to die now. No, it takes more than this to finish that woman.

And he knows that very well.

How many times she watched over him in the past? How many times her lonely, hopeless eyes gazed upon his wounds, telling him there was more than what the eye meets? More than he can remember. More than he wants to remember. Her undying will, reaching out to stand in this world for so long, why did it have to end so... suddenly? No, that wasn't the word he was looking for. Her eyes, her final expression of happiness at meeting her end... Why was she so happy?

No, when was the last time she was so pleased?

Not even her remembered. But she did know that was a feeling she learned to miss after all. There wasn't any need for more words than had been already spoken nor regrets she had felt in the past years. He is all she needed in the world, and perhaps, a part of him, finally realized it. The voice calling for him, it's obvious it is not hers, it is something she left for him. Her farewell gift for his life.

But one thing is for sure, the day he first met her changed his whole existence. And her last day left him with a bittersweet feeling for the rest of life.
Perhaps he didn't need more words either. Just looking at her eyes, he figured it out already and without regrets. He doesn't need anything else.

He is Kenpachi. The strongest one.

For the both of them.
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