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Player Information
Name: Miyu
Contact: [personal profile] hrist | plurk: luciferofpride
Current Characters: Nope!

Character Information
Name: Lucifer of Pride
Canon: Umineko no Naku Koro ni
Age: Possibly more than 2000 years, but she looks like she is nineteen.
Canon Point: Post EP6

Her wikia article, and the series wikia.

The first, Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth,Sixth games!


Lucifer at first glance looks human, but she's not. In Umineko, the servants with magical powers are called furniture and obey the order of the Witch who summoned them. Currently, she's following Beatrice's orders when the game are summoned and she's very loyal to her, along with her sisters.

She is very prideful, as she represents the fallen angel Lucifer and corresponds to the sin of Pride, making it be an easy target to push off her buttons when talking to her. After all, she gains magical power when someone feels really proud of something, and she itself makes it happen. And will probably add a mad crackle to show how strong she is. However, she's not the strongest of her sisters. Quite the opposite.

This girl also is the eldest of the sisters, and thanks to that, she's always making sure they are doing her job and not slacking off about it. She gets really serious when there is work to do and that's linked to the fact that she's pride itself. Also, she will always try to hide and run away when things aren't going as she wants them to. Usually, her sisters make fun of her when that happens.

But you wouldn't want to make this girl angry, because she will try to kill you and hate you with all her self if she is unable to pierce your chest until she makes a hole enough deep to see through it. In battle, she will insult and make her opponent feel like they can't win and strike without mercy. After all, furniture of the witches usually carries on the Twilight sacrifices for the Witch itself.

However, inside this bloodlust killing weapon, she has a part of herself that gets along with certain people, and others that she shows respect and loyaltly. A.K.A Witches and some people that are worth of it. For example, getting along with Ange when their first meet, along with her sisters, and usually be around and laugh like a normal girl.

She will not stand humiliation of any kind, except from her sisters, so that's an easy way to get on her bad side. Also, she will look for a new toy to play with while she's someone, often implies that he or she will be the target of her tricks, killing games and more things like that.

One of her strengths is the fact that she's a combat furniture. She will not go easy on anyone in a battle. She will not hesitate in turning herself into her stake form just to kill someone that is really annoying for her. She takes pleasure in that.

She's not afraid of dying and killing. It doesn't scare her a bit those thoughts because for her they are really usual things in her world, and as long as the Witch wants, she will come back anytime. She's very confident of herself and will never doubt of her skills, no matter what. Even if she doesn't know how to do something, she will brag around that she has the knowledge of how to do it.

Lucifer strength and weakness is her pride. It what makes her stronger and be able to endure anything, but at the same time its what it makes her fall from everything. Could it be a battle or just an argument between two people. Besides, if she will break into tears if someone mocks her a lot when she can't do something, like her sisters do when she fails at doing a certain task.

Let's not forget cute things. She will totally go and glomp them when nobody is looking and love it so hard that could kill it. Now, if someone finds out about it, she will probably try to kill him/her so she won't be embarrassed about it. A trial that she shares with her sisters.

It's easy to get on her bad side, specially when she's ignored by someone lower than her (depending on her judgment, of course). However, she's quite pleased to receive any kind of flattery, to score more points to her. Even with that, she can break into tears when she's teased endlessly by her beloved sisters.

Camp Information

Ares. A part of her can't deny her bloodlust and how much she enjoys a good battle, specially if she's granted permission to kill her target more than one time. She's eager to prove her skills in a fight, and she is prone to rejoice in a good victory, specially to boost her own ego and laugh at the loser. Also, she wants to prove to her sisters that she's the strongest, so that's her competitive side as well.

- Enhanced Strength
- Enhanced Endurance
- Proficiency any weapons.

First Person/Journal Sample: Here are all her old entries from her last game. If that's not enough, just lemme know!
Third Person/Log Sample:

It was not a surprise to find her training against the wild beasts when given the chance. Such mindless beasts, though entertaining, provided a good way to train herself in this new setting she found herself some days ago. The creatures were quite interesting, thou she was rejoicing to the fact of getting a good fight.

It reminded her of the days she used to kill endlessly her prey, as the endless witch would revive it so find a new way to slaughter her victim. But this mere beasts were something else. "Oh? So you really believe you will prevail this time~?" The question raised amusingly to the mindless one, as she simple evaded the strike with a elegant gesture.

"How foolish! But no matter how much you beg, I'll not show any mercy for you...!" Her voice said loudly, full of herself as she held her sword close. Such proficiency was new, as it was different from her old style, but she had no objections. Any new way to murder her target was quite welcome. "I, Lucifer of Pride, will show you why you didn't have any chance to begin with, foolish creatureeeee!"

There was a moment of silence, followed by a sharp cry of pain from the beast in front of her. Lucifer slashed it down in one move, hitting a vital spot in the process. Flipping her hair as a way to prove her superiority, she glanced back at her teacher who was watching her performance. "I do wonder, isn't there something stronger than this mere creature? It's almost humiliating having to face this ones."

Of course, she was quite good to fight this ones, as she could keep bragging how many she did defeat in the past days, but a stronger opponent sounded so nice to her. But she could wait a bit more, for the sake of keeping the score so good. This time, she would prove her sisters she was the strongest one among them, even if she missed them so much. With this new power, she wanted to prove even her master that she was the best furniture in all the worlds.
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