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Name: Miyu
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Other Characters Played: N/A

Character: Firion
Series: Final Fantasy II/Dissidia: Final Fantasy
Age: According to the Japanese guides for the NES game, 18.
History: FF II and Dissidia
Canon Point: After Dissidia and post defeating the Emperor a second time in his world.


The first thing to notice about Firion is his loyalty towards his friends and his dream. He's someone that believes strongly in the power of friendship and how important dreams are for people. He will fight next to his comrades, and he will encourage them to achieve their motivations, and also to keep moving towards the future and not let their sadness consume their happiness. He would gladly spar with them, battle at their side or enjoy a break from their walks in order to spend more time with those who he holds dear.

He possesses a strong sense of justice, often engaging a battle just to protect someone from any kind of injustice or evil, and following his morals and chivalry to face an enemy. He faced the Emperor twice because he was against the idea of someone so evil controlling the world and inflicting pain in everyone. His most sincere wish is to see a world full of wild roses, where people could live happily in freedom of tyranny and war. He leads his friends to battle and he's respected as a leader, even in his bad decisions.

Firion knows what sadness, sacrifice and loss of the beloved can cause in someone, and he would keep moving strong for those who did everything for him, specially for those who died in war. He's kind and nice towards others, usually making friends pretty fast. He would put himself in danger in order to protect a friend, but he would not risk his life in vain, believing it would be nothing but an insult towards the people that sacrificed themselves to protect him.

Thought he was betrayed twice, he still holds his friends dear. He can understand the reasons for their acts, and he will react accordingly to them, even forgiving them. Leon and Kain both had their reasons, yet he didn't hate them for what they did, even if he didn't agree with their actions. He knows how important forgiving is, and how much it could change a person.

Though he acts as a hero and a knight, he's still a human boy after all. Firion will blush and feel embarrassed when praised, because he is not used to it.

He's quite gullible, and he doesn't notice when he falls in traps until it's too late. He's often too friendly to be suspicious of someone that he considers a friend, and people could use this to his disadvantage. He would blame himself if anything bad happened to his friends because of his actions, creating more weaknesses for others to see.

Though he's strong by himself, he believes that he keeps growing thanks to his friends and companions, stating that he would not be where he is without them, and showing once more how important it is to him that other people believe in his dream, despite that he, at first, didn't want to share it with them, thinking it was a childish thing.

Not only that, he also possess a weakness for women, even after being trapped by two of them in different occasions. He tends to flail to any kind of insinuation and would end not noticing that he's being manipulated. Perhaps he's still too pure for that kind of situations, and implying that he, sometimes, is deceived by the looks of them, for example, the Lamia Queen impersonating Queen Hilda.

Skills and Abilities:

Using Dissidia as a reference, Firion is a Weapon Specialist, being capable of handling proficiently the following weapons:

- Sword
- Lance
- Spear
- Axe
- Daggers
- Bows
- Barehanded combat.

Also, Firion is capable of using Magic as well, such as Fire, Blizzard, Thunder. And he possesses an ability to heal himself with the bloody weapons, meaning that he can perform healing spells.

First Person Sample:

[ Firion is sitting outside, weapons at his side, as he looks at the sky, when the video starts. ]

Such a peaceful night. It is so nice to see the fruits of our hard work, but there is too much to be done yet. I dream with nights and days like this, where children enjoy the world at its fullest...

A world filled with wild roses. I do wonder if I can make it come true here. [ He shakes his head and then chuckles quietly at that. ] No, I will be of help in this world as well. I shall fight to protect those who can't.

As long as my friends believe in me, I will not let them down! [ He does smile at that. ] I will not have those doubts cloud my heart anymore. We should stand together, to bring more smiles in those faces full of hope!

[ He looks at the device for a moment. ]

Let's do our best to protect this world! If there is anything I can do to be of help, please, do not hesitate to ask.

Third Person Sample:

Blood scattered in the floor was all he could focus in that moment. Those cruel beasts, without hesitation, hurt one of his beloved friends. Someone who could not protect himself for their attack and overpowered him with their huge strength. Firion could not stand it anymore, quickly moving to place himself between the beasts and the injured man.

"How cowardly those beasts can be! I will not let you do this anymore!" He yelled while he held his sword close to him, his body adopting a stance fitting of the weapon.

He had to be careful to fight without hurting his friend, and he had to do this quick, to see those injures himself. With a fast movement, he launched himself to slash his enemy, using the impulse to boost his strength and damage the beast better. Then, in a quick movement, he grabbed the bow and shot an energy arrow to the other one.

Once he touched the floor again, he ran towards his friend once more. "We must leave this place. Those beasts will not attack us anymore, so we should hurry up to treat your wounds." Firion said, his voice showing his concern before anything, but still holding himself strongly. "Please, forgive me for not being able to come sooner." He added, his thoughts getting lost once more after those words, but he discarded those immediately.

There was no point in thinking like that now. His friend was safe, and those monsters would not strike them soon. This was a good victory for him, where no one had to die and leave the others behind.
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