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I believe in dreams

and no matter what I shall do my best to make everyone happy

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Let me sing you a song.

Full of the dreams we have.

I'm 20 years old and I like a lot of things. I love meeting new poeple and talk with them, laughing and sharing things everyday. Watching new animes or reading new mangas, or even play new games is something I enjoy to do. I'm from Uruguay, a small country from South America.

Please, forgive my english if it is not the best. I'm trying to improve everyday ♥.

I can't list all the anime/manga and games I have played or seen so far. I tried to listed them on my interest thingie and I still say that I keep forgetting to add some news. In any case, I like adding things to watch so feel free to recomend me something you want me to see.

Mommy is always there to help people when they need her, so don't be afraid to tell me anything you want to talk about. I'll do my best to help and support you when you need me. I don't like losing my friends for small things.

I have dreams, but they are small things I want to do. Things I can do with time, and that I will do later. I want to see all those I care happy, so I'll help in that with all I have.

Do not never lose the hope for your dreams.

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