May. 10th, 2012 03:56 am
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I'm starting to use this more often, oh well. Can't complain, I missed posting things like that. Let's see what I can write down...

I got the second interview at McDonalds. Pretty chill, I had plenty of fun doing the work there. Here is me hoping I'll be called to the job, it's pretty close to my house, so I can go and come back walking. My mother is considering moving us to another apartment, apparently we are going to check it tomorrow.

Cosplay status is starting to look pretty cool. Somehow. Now I need to wait for some things to dry, so I can sleep. But I did finish the head thingie tonight. Just need to see what the hell I'm doing with the wig with Kai, but I'll call her tomorrow to see what should I do. 'Armor' thingies are coming cool and tomorrow I should finish most of the accessories so I can focus in the clothes and such.

RP-wise, still enjoying my break. Considering apping Lezard to Chris' game because I'm pinged by Valkyries with him. Probably Li Shuwen, and then I'll send a girl. Because I like playing many characters. Mmm... I think that's all for today.

And update!

May. 3rd, 2012 04:10 pm
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So tomorrow I'm having a job interview at a Mc Donalds and I'm really looking forward it. Any kind of money that I can get from any job sounds awesome from me, my mother will stop complaining about my life and things will be really cool. Ignoring that I'm with a strong cold, nothing will stop me from going there. It also goes without saying that I will keep looking for other places in the future too, but I'm quite pleased with this idea.

RP-wise, depending on the schedule how it will affect my tagging drive and such. I'm not dropping my games or my characters (you can't ride of me so easily), so it's just a matter to accommodate myself to it. Perhaps I will stop looking for places to app (gasp!) for the time being, so no more enabling for Miyu. I'll still app to the places I said I would, don't worry.

Miyu with a job means more money for COSPLAY!!!1111 and pay Kai all the stuff I owe her.

On a completely unrelated note, I might pick up my 'Let's play Pokemon FireRed!' thing again. It was really fun to do such thing, so expect it to return soon. At some point.


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